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Positive Christian Woman Conference

Come to Positive Christian Woman for encouragement and practical ways to thrive as a God-honoring woman. This is the place for you to refresh, re-center, and boost your spirit.

Positive Christian Woman Magazine is looking for a church in your area to host an exciting new high-profile event just for women. The conference will be an intimate, affordable day of praise and inspiration that will minister to Christian women in your church and community.


Gender Discrimination

"When you grow up, you can be whatever you want to be." Little girls in the United States hear this all the time, from their mothers to teachers to "Sesame Street" characters. Almost everywhere they go, they are encouraged to believe that girls can be just as smart, athletic, and successful as boys. Even the pictures of spunky women on magazine covers at the checkout stand tell them that when you're a girl, anything is possible.

But for little girls in developing countries, the message is just the opposite. From the day they are born, they are constantly reminded of the things they are not allowed to do.

Children In Need publishes reports on issues that affect children. Topics include sexual exploitation and how armed conflicts affect children.


Engage the World with World Week

When you watch the news at night, do you feel helpless and discouraged at the pain, suffering and injustice that flood the world? When you hear that one in six people are malnourished, more than 30,000 children a day die of preventable diseases and over 14,000 people contracted HIV every day, does it make you wonder how these problems grew to such proportions? World Week can help you discover some answers to those questions and find practical ways to help.